HYT TC-508

The TC508 is highly durable and ergonomically designed to handle easier, with larger knobs and controls that can be easily operated even wearing heavy gloves. It offers a wide range of features all in a surprisingly lightweight radio (9.87 oz. with Li-ion battery up to 14 Hours).
  • 16 Channels – Can be setup on a repeater
  • Large Rotary On/Off and Volume Control Knob
  • Large Rotary Knobs allows you to Change channels quickly and easily
  • Rugged, durable enough to withstand 4.9ft drop and meet MILSTD- 810 C/D/E/F
  • Low Battery Alert, top-mounted LED flashes red to alert users to recharge the battery
  • Busy Channel Lockout, prevents transmission if another talk group is already on the air
  • Squelch Tail Elimination, minimizes annoying audio outputs upon completion of a transmission
  • Monitor, continuous Channel monitoring (helpful for adjusting volume or receiving a weak signal)
  • Priority Channel Scan, scanning of all channels while simultaneously monitoring a priority channel
  • Battery Save, activated once activity on the channel and operation cease, for extended operation time
  • Belt Clip Attaches radio firmly to belt
The TC-508 is one of our lightest/smallest and highly rugged two way and radio can be used for a variety of applications.

  • Construction Sites
  • Conventions
  • Tradeshows
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Event Security
  • Event Parking/First Aid
  • Sporting Events
9.87 oz

4.44” x 2.13” x 1.34” (LxWxH)

810 C/D/E/F & IP54(withstands drop from 4.5’)

Frequency Range
UHF (450-470mHz), 4 Watt RF Power

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HYT TC-508 User Guide

Hytera TC 508 – Walkie Talkie Rental Details

Rent a HYT TC-508 For Your Event 

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About HYT TC-508 

The TC-508 is a market-leading product in HYT’s commercial analog portable radio series. This reliable radio is built to withstand a 4.9ft drop and meets MIL STD-810 C/D/E/F standards for durability and ruggedness. With its 17 channels, the TC-508 offers versatile communication options for various business events, manufacturing facilities, construction, warehouse, and more. 

At our rental service, we offer the TC-508 as part of our high-quality equipment selection. We understand the importance of reliable communication for your business needs, and our flexible rates and dependable service ensure that you have the best rental experience.

Applications/Usage of Two Way Radios

Two-way radios have a wide range of applications across various industries and scenarios. They are commonly used in:

  • Event Management
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Hospitality and Retail
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Education

Should You Rent or Buy?

When deciding whether to rent or buy, consider your specific needs, budget, and long-term usage requirements. Renting can be the preferred option for short-term or occasional use. Some reasons why renting can be a good option is:

  • Renting the TC-508 allows you to access high-quality equipment without the upfront cost of purchasing. Buying radios outright can be a significant investment, especially if you only need them for a specific event or short-term project. 
  • If your communication requirements vary from project to project or if you have occasional events, renting allows you to easily scale up or down as needed.
  • By renting, you can access newer models and benefit from the improved features, functionality, and performance of the latest equipment.
  • Renting the TC-508 transfers the responsibility of equipment maintenance and support to the rental provider. If any issues arise, such as technical problems or equipment failures, the rental company will handle repairs or replacements

How to Book HYT TC-508 From Rent2way?

Step 1: Place Your Order

Complete our form or contact us directly for a FREE price quotation. Once you’re satisfied with the price, we’ll lock your booking at your chosen date.

Step 2: Receive Your Equipment

We’ll deliver the items to your location at least one day before your event, giving you ample time to familiarize yourself with them. Throughout the rental period, we offer support and training to ensure a smooth experience.

Step 3: Utilize & Enjoy

Effortlessly use the equipment on your important day and make your event a success. If you require assistance at any point, we’re just a phone call away!

Step 4: Simple Return

When you’re finished with the equipment, use the provided return shipping labels to send them back to us. Don’t worry about return charges as they’re already taken care of. Return the items hassle-free and with ease!

Things to Know About Renting the Item

When it comes to renting two-way radios, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Here are some key points to know about renting two-way radios:

  • Determine your specific communication requirements before renting. Consider factors such as range, number of channels, battery life, and any additional features needed for your use case.
  • Decide on the duration of your rental period, whether it’s for a single event or an extended project. Rental companies offer flexible options to accommodate various timeframes.
  • Determine the number of radios you need based on the size of your team or the number of users who require communication devices.
  • Consider any necessary accessories such as headsets, chargers, or spare batteries. Many rental companies offer these accessories as add-ons to enhance your rental experience.
  • Compare rental rates from different companies to ensure you’re getting a competitive price. Take note of any additional fees, such as shipping or damage deposits, and clarify the terms of payment.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent HYT TC-508?

The cost of renting a HYT TC-508 two-way radio can vary depending on factors such as the rental duration, quantity of radios needed, and any additional accessories or services required. Rental rates can also differ among rental companies.

At Rent2way, we offer competitive and affordable rental prices for the HYT TC-508 and other communication equipment. Our pricing is tailored to fit your specific needs and budget. To get an accurate cost estimate for renting the HYT TC-508, we recommend contacting our team directly. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote based on your requirements.

Get a Custom Quote and Start Your Order

Ready to get a custom quote and start your order? Contact us now to discuss your communication equipment needs and receive a personalized quote. Our team is here to assist you and ensure you have the right devices for your requirements. Don’t wait, give us a call or send us a message today to get started!

HYT TC-508 Rental Packages

Rent2way’s rental packages provide flexibility to suit your specific communication needs and budget. Whether it’s a short event or a more extended project, you can find the right package to meet your requirements.

Rent2way’s rental packages include:

Daily Rental: 

For an affordable price, you can enjoy the convenience of the TC-508 radios for your short-term communication needs. Perfect for events or projects that last a day or two.

Weekly Rental: 

Opt for the weekly package at a cheaper rate, and you’ll have the TC-508 radios at your disposal for a full week. This package provides an affordable solution for longer events or projects.

Bi-Weekly Rental: 

With our bi-weekly package priced affordably nationwide, you can extend your usage of the radios for two weeks. Ideal for more extended events or ongoing projects.

Monthly Rental: 

Choose the monthly package at a price that comes within your budget, and you’ll have the radios available for a whole month. This package offers the best value for longer-term rentals or continuous usage.

Benefits of HYT TC-508

The HYT TC-508 two-way radio offers several benefits that make it an excellent choice for communication needs:

Compact and Durable: 

The TC-508 is designed with a compact and ergonomic form factor, making it easy to carry and use for extended periods. Its robust construction ensures durability, with the ability to withstand drops and meet MIL standards.

Clear and Reliable Communication: 

With advanced technology, the radio delivers clear and reliable audio transmission. It minimizes background noise and interference, providing crisp and uninterrupted communication, even in noisy environments.

Versatile Channel Options: 

The radio offers a generous number of channels (up to 16), allowing for flexible communication and organization. Users can assign channels to specific teams or departments, ensuring efficient and secure communication.

Extended Battery Life: 

With its 1650mAh (Li-ion) battery, the TC-508 provides an approximate battery life of 10 hours. This long-lasting battery ensures that you can rely on the radio for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging, enhancing productivity and communication efficiency.

Compact and Lightweight Design: 

The TC-508 is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use for extended periods without causing fatigue. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, enhancing user experience.

Rental Terms

Our rental terms are straightforward and easy to understand. Before confirming your booking, we recommend visiting our terms page at https://www.rent2way.com/terms-of-use/ to familiarize yourself with our policies. It’s important to review the terms to ensure a smooth rental experience.


What is a HYT Radio?

Hyt Radio refers to the brand HYT, which stands for Hytera Communications. It is a manufacturer of professional two-way radios and communication equipment.

What Frequency is HYT Tc 508?

The Hyt TC 508 operates on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) bands. The specific frequency range may vary depending on the model and country.

Does the Military Use Uhf?

Yes, the military commonly uses UHF (Ultra High Frequency) for communication purposes. UHF frequencies are preferred for their ability to penetrate obstacles and provide reliable communication in various terrains and environments.

What is Vhf Frequency 121.5 Mhz?

The VHF frequency of 121.5 MHz is commonly used as an emergency distress frequency in aviation and maritime sectors. It is the international air distress frequency and is monitored for distress signals and emergency communication.