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Welcome to Rent2way – Your Premier Partner in Event Communication. For over a decade, we’ve provided top-quality radio rentals, enhancing coordination, safety, and the success of your events.

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Radios for Events

Trying to pull off the best event of the year every single weekend? That’s what events and catering businesses are all about. From weddings and retirement parties to birthdays and holidays, these are the core of what you do. Effective communication on the day of the event is absolutely essential. Whether it’s coordinating food service, getting the venue ready, or managing security, two-way radios are the perfect tools to make sure that the party becomes an unforgettable one.

This is where Rent2way comes in, ready to be your essential partner. We’re here to help you with every part of your event and catering business. We’ve been providing two-way radios to event and catering companies all across the United States. Our comprehensive range of products has been specifically designed to cater to the distinctive communication needs of events. Our main goal is to ensure things run smoothly and provide exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

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Our Collections of Walkie Talkies

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

HYT PD-502

The HYT PD-502 is a lightweight DMR UHF radio with 32 channels for digital and analog communication, clear audio, extended battery life, and advanced features like emergency alarm and Pseudo Trunking.

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

HYT PD-562

We offer the HYT PD-562, a DMR portable radio that operates across analog and digital systems with basic encryption. It ensures 16-hour operation for effective real-time communication in challenging situations.

2 way radio rental

HYT TC-508

The TC-508 by Rent2way, a Hytera design, offers affordability and power. Ideal for Event Organizers with user-friendly, durable design and clear audio. Choose from 4W UHF or 5W VHF models to integrate with your radios.

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

Motorola CP200

Offering the Motorola CP200 radio for clear, versatile communication. Supports UHF/VHF and interoperates with Motorola, Icom, and Kenwood radios. Features push-to-talk ID and selective call for precision.

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

Motorola Turbo XPR 6550

Rent2way’s Motorola Turbo XPR 6550 radio enhances capacity, voice quality, and battery life, with UHF and VHF options for 32-channel communication in both analog and digital modes.

Accessories We Provide Complimentary:

6 way bank charger rental

Bank Charger

6 way bank charger rental

Heavy Duty Headset

6 way bank charger rental

Lightweight Headset

6 way bank charger rental

Surveillance Headset

6 way bank charger rental

Speaker Microphone

How to Rent Two Way Radios From Us for Your Events

Step 1


Simply fill out our form or give us a call for a FREE quote. If you’re happy with the price, we’ll reserve the radios for your chosen date.

Step 2


We’ll deliver the radios to your location a day before your event. You’ll have time to get used to them, and we’re here to help you with any questions during your rental.

Step 3

Use & Enjoy

On your big day, use the radios hassle-free to make your event a success. If you need any help, just give us a call!

Step 4

Easy Return

When you’re done, use the pre-paid shipping labels we provide to send the radios back to us. Don’t worry about return charges – it’s all taken care of!

Our Service Categories:

Two Way Radio Rentals

Welcome to Rent2Way, your top choice for premium walkie-talkie solutions. We offer a wide range of options from leading brands like Hytera and Motorola. Rent the best in instant communication for your outdoor adventures. Our affordable prices match the quality and functionality of our products.

Wireless Hotspots

Rent2way provides top-notch wireless hotspots from trusted providers like AT&T and Verizon, guaranteeing extensive network coverage for any outdoor event. Our cost-effective solutions make us the ideal choice. Plus, its user-friendly design ensures accessibility for everyone.


For a wide range of events, surveys, testing purposes, or specialized programs, we offer an extensive selection of Android tablets and iPads available in bulk to meet your precise requirements. Our inventory encompasses an array of models, ranging from renowned Apple products to Samsung.

Cellular Handsets

We offer a diverse selection of cellular handset models tailored to meet the needs of various occasions, events, surveys, or testing purposes, all at a reasonable price point. Whether you require an Android or an iOS device, rest assured, we have you covered.


We offer complimentary essential accessories in conjunction with the rental of our gadgets. Recognizing the potential challenges and inconveniences involved in acquiring these supplementary items when orchestrating events or managing a substantial quantity of devices or individuals, we are pleased to provide these items to you at no additional cost.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to wireless equipment, Rent2way is your trusted choice. With a wealth of experience, our gear plays a vital role in events across the entire US.

From thrilling sports events and captivating concert tours to dynamic film shoots, TV productions, lively festivals, bustling fairs, enthralling theatrical tours, and more, we have a proven track record. By opting for Rent2way, you unlock a host of benefits:

1. Tech Redefined: Rent2way’s Cutting-Edge Equipment

Cutting-edge equipment that redefines technology.

2. Custom Coverage for Every Space

Coverage solutions tailored for spaces of all sizes.

3. Tailored Channels and Frequencies for Your Needs

A wide array of channel and frequency options, suited to your needs.

4. Precise Calibration for Seamless Integration

Precise frequency calibration that seamlessly integrates with your current setup.

5. Wireless Versatility: Local to Nationwide Reach

Versatile coverage, from local connectivity to nationwide reach, based on your operations.

6. Quick Fixes for Signal Dead Spots

Quick fixes for signal dead spots through our expert temporary repeater installations.

7. Cost-Effective, Maintenance-Free Solutions

A cost-effective approach with no maintenance fees.

8. Dedication to Excellence in Service

Dedication to excellence reflected in every aspect of our service.

9. Quality Products, Comprehensive Support

A strong commitment to delivering quality products and comprehensive support.

10. Rent2way: Your Wireless Advantage

Rely on the experience, innovation, and reliability that Rent2way brings. Your wireless equipment solution isn’t just a choice – it’s a strategic advantage.

Why Do You Need Radios for Events? Benefits of Hiring Radios

Radios stand as indispensable tools for seamlessly managing events, providing immediate and reliable communication that ensures efficient coordination among teams. They eliminate the need for a mobile network and remain effective even in areas with poor connectivity. From boosting collaboration to offering real-time updates and enabling swift emergency responses, radios offer numerous benefits that streamline operations, bolster safety, and contribute to the overall success of any event.

Whether it’s ensuring smooth coordination across different areas, reducing delays, or maintaining a professional touch, radios play a pivotal role in optimizing event management processes. Invest in walkie-talkies to further enhance efficiency, safety, and the overall execution of your event.

Here are some benefits of hiring radios:

  • Seamless coordination among teams
  • Swift and reliable communication
  • Wide coverage even in expansive venues
  • Clear audio in noisy environments
  • Real-time updates for everyone
  • Rapid emergency response capability
  • Hands-free operation for multitasking
  • Reduced delays, efficient operations
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Professional image projection

About Rent2way

Rent2way stands out as a leading supplier of cutting-edge communication equipment designed for both indoor and outdoor events. Our track record includes successfully providing rental equipment for a wide spectrum of occasions, from film productions and trade shows to large-scale public events that have drawn over a million attendees. This extensive experience has equipped us with the ability to customize the perfect communication solutions to match your specific needs.

Since our establishment in 2010, our foremost priority has been to offer the finest products and services, ensuring an uninterrupted and smooth experience for all our clients. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff at your service, combined with a diverse selection of high-quality communication equipment, Rent2way guarantees the provision of necessary communication tools without the associated hassles.

Feel free to explore further to discover how our rental communication solutions can be tailored expertly to align seamlessly with your unique requirements.

Balloon fest in Albuquerque

Radio Rental for Events: Things to Know


Renting radios for your events can greatly enhance communication and coordination, ensuring the smooth flow of activities. Here are some essential things to consider when opting for radio rental:

  • Assess the scale of your event. Are you hosting a small seminar, a music festival, or a trade show? The size and layout of your event space will impact the type and number of radios you need.
  • Determine the coverage area required for seamless communication. Indoor events may require different equipment compared to outdoor events with more expansive spaces.
  • Ensure that the radios you rent are compatible with your existing devices if any. This will help avoid interference and ensure smooth communication.
  • Check whether you need a license to operate the radios in your area. Licensed radios provide better security against interference.
  • Consider the duration of your event. Choose radios with battery life that can last throughout the event to avoid interruptions.
  • Depending on your event, you might need accessories like headsets, microphones, and chargers. Confirm whether these are included in your rental package.
  • Enquire if the rental company provides support and training. Knowing how to use the radios effectively will maximize their benefits.
  • Understand the delivery process, timing, and return instructions. Ensure the radios are delivered well in advance for testing.
  • Inquire about emergency communication features like panic buttons and emergency channels.
  • Get a clear understanding of the rental costs, including any additional charges. Read and understand the rental contract before signing.


Helping Event Mangements Industry With Quality Radios for More Than a Decade

For more than a decade, Rent2way has been a steadfast partner to the event management industry, providing top-quality radios that redefine communication standards. Our commitment to excellence has enabled seamless coordination, efficient operations, and enhanced safety across a wide range of events.

From music festivals to trade shows and everything in between, our reliable communication solutions have been a cornerstone of success. With state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable staff, and dedication to client satisfaction, Rent2way has been instrumental in shaping the event management landscape.

Experience the difference that a decade of expertise makes. Choose Rent2way for unmatched communication solutions that power your event’s triumph.

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Rent Long Range Radios Today

Gear up for seamless communication with Rent2way’s long-range radios. Whether it’s an outdoor event or a complex indoor setup, our long-range radios ensure your teams stay connected across vast distances, eliminating communication barriers.

Say goodbye to dropped signals and hello to reliable coverage, even in challenging environments. With a simple rental process, you can equip your event with top-tier communication tools that enhance efficiency and safety.

Experience crystal-clear audio, extended coverage, and uninterrupted connections. Don’t miss out on staying in sync – rent long-range radios from Rent2way today and revolutionize your event communication.

Make the smart choice for your event’s success. Connect with us now to explore how our long-range radios can elevate your communication game.

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