Surveillance Headset

Designed for moderate-noise and discrete environments, this accessory lets users enjoy communication that’s clear, private and hands-free. For use in the left or right ear. Features a straight wire from the radio to the Push-to-Talk switch and built in microphone, then a thin coiled wire to the clothing clip, where the clear acoustic cord attaches. This is type of headset you will see worn on CIA field agents.
Works well in moderately noisy environment where it may be difficult to hear with radio alone and where discreet communications is required
Models vary based on availability therefore individual specs are not posted online, as a result: images on website may differ from actual equipment shipped although not materially different. We only use OEM or Quality third party accessories as it’s of highest importance they meet with your satisfaction.
Headset plugs into radio (many radios have silicon cover which lifts to unveil jack). Can be used on either ear. The two cords are usually beneath outerwear shirt/sweater/jacket as they connect from radio at belt area up to ear and upper body for mic/push-to-talk button.

Make sure to turn ON radio prior to connecting headset (if you do not it may force broadcast which means other radios on same channel will be in use as if you were pressing the push-to- talk button).