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Experience Seamless Connectivity: From golf course radios to hospitality, our versatile two-way radio rentals ensure effective communication in any sector.

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Golf Course Radios

Experience seamless communication on the golf course with Rent2Way. The leading provider of golf course radios. Our expertise lies in offering a diverse selection of high-quality radios, available for rent at affordable prices. Precisely designed to cater exclusively to golf courses.

Be it for your dedicated staff or efficient tournament organizers, our range of perfect two-way radios guarantees reliable communication at its best. Since 2010 Rent2Way has been providing effective solutions to golf clubs and other outdoor activity centers.

Our expertly designed golf course radios ensure smooth communication across the entire course empowering your team to stay connected and coordinate with precision. Take advantage of our innovative radio technology to strengthen safety measures and drive operational efficiency to new heights.

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Our Collections of Walkie Talkies

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

HYT PD-502

With our HYT PD-502 rental, you can enjoy the flexibility of operating in both analog and digital modes.

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

HYT PD-562

We offer the lightweight and versatile HYT PD-562 radio, designed to enhance your golf experience with an excellent frequency range

2 way radio rental

HYT TC-508

Experience the power and durability of our HYT TC-508 radios. Equipped with a long-lasting Li-ion battery which can provide up to 14 hours.

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

Motorola CP200

Rent Motorola CP200 from Rent2way for your communication needs. This versatile radio offers push-to-talk ID and selective call capabilities.

HYT PD-502 2 way radio rental

Motorola Turbo XPR 6550

Explore our extensive selection of Motorola Turbo XPR 6550 radios, featuring 160 channels for versatile communication.

Accessories We Provide Complimentary:

6 way bank charger rental

Bank Charger

6 way bank charger rental

Heavy Duty Headset

6 way bank charger rental

Lightweight Headset

6 way bank charger rental

Surveillance Headset

6 way bank charger rental

Speaker Microphone

How to Rent Two Way Radios From Us for Your Golf Needs

Step 1


Rent your desired accessories with ease! Fill out our online form for a free quote or contact us directly. We’re here to help you book for your preferred date, ensuring a seamless experience.

Step 2


Our top priority is customer satisfaction, with dedicated exceptional service. Expect punctual deliveries guaranteed a day in advance for a stress-free, reliable rental experience.

Step 3

Use & Enjoy

Enjoy your special day with our radios worry-free. If you encounter any issues, just call us for immediate assistance. We’ve got your back for a stress-free experience!

Step 4

Easy Return

Returning equipment is hassle-free. We supply a pre-paid shipping label, making the return effortless. You won’t incur any return charges; we’ve got it covered.

Our Service Categories:

Two Way Radio Rentals

Welcome to Rent2Way, your top choice for premium walkie-talkie solutions. We offer a wide range of options from leading brands like Hytera and Motorola. Rent the best in instant communication for your outdoor adventures. Our affordable prices match the quality and functionality of our products.

Wireless Hotspots

Rent2way provides top-notch wireless hotspots from trusted providers like AT&T and Verizon, guaranteeing extensive network coverage for any outdoor event. Our cost-effective solutions make us the ideal choice. Plus, its user-friendly design ensures accessibility for everyone.


For a wide range of events, surveys, testing purposes, or specialized programs, we offer an extensive selection of Android tablets and iPads available in bulk to meet your precise requirements. Our inventory encompasses an array of models, ranging from renowned Apple products to Samsung.

Cellular Handsets

We offer a diverse selection of cellular handset models tailored to meet the needs of various occasions, events, surveys, or testing purposes, all at a reasonable price point. Whether you require an Android or an iOS device, rest assured, we have you covered.


We offer complimentary essential accessories in conjunction with the rental of our gadgets. Recognizing the potential challenges and inconveniences involved in acquiring these supplementary items when orchestrating events or managing a substantial quantity of devices or individuals, we are pleased to provide these items to you at no additional cost.

Why Choose Us?

At Rent2way, we deeply value and recognize the individual needs of each and every one of our customers. We understand that everyone’s requirements may be different, and that’s why we are dedicated to tailoring our services to meet those unique needs.Here’s some reason why you should choose us:

1. Wide Range of Options

We are constantly investing in the newest, high-quality radios and state-of-the-art equipment so that our clients can enjoy instantaneous, flawless communication when they need it.

2. Expertise and Support

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of radio rentals. They are always ready to provide you exceptional support in any of your problem and to assist you to pick the right equipment according to your requirement.

3. Competitive Pricing

We strongly believe that price should not mean sacrificing quality. That’s why we provide rental rates that are competitive, while ensuring the equipment’s high quality. Our main objective is to offer you cost-effective solutions that perfectly match your budget. We want to make sure you get the best value without compromising on the quality of the equipment you rent from us.

4. Timely Delivery and Setup

When it comes to delivering and setting up the rental equipment for your golf course operations, you can trust us to do it promptly and efficiently. We take great care to ensure that the equipment reaches you on time and is set up without any delays.

5. Reliability and Quality

As we mentioned earlier, we never compromise on the quality of our products. Our main aim is to offer our customers the very best equipment, which comes from well-known and trusted brands to ensure clear communication and long-lasting performance.

6. Flexibility in Rental Duration

In Rent2way, we have flexible rental durations for our customers. You can choose the rental duration according to your needs. whether short-term or long-term.

Why Do You Need Radios for the Golf Course? Benefits of Hiring Radios?

Golf courses are quite big, usually covering an area of 100-190 acres on average. With everything spread out over such a large space, communication becomes expensive and time-consuming for the staff.This is where the benefits of a two-way radio system come in.

Two way radios helps you to communicate instantly and saves money by increasing efficiency and allowing you to provide better service to players. It helps you to manage the course, schedule tee-times, monitoring the pace of play, handling emergencies, coordinating maintenance tasks, and ensuring that tournaments run smoothly.

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring radios:

  • Instant and clear communication among staff and team members
  • Cost-effective option compared to purchasing and maintaining them
  • The installation and upkeep of the rented radios are hassle-free
  • Quick response to emergencies and dangers
  • Flexibility to choose from a range of radio models and rental durations
  • Free from maintenance costs

About Rent2way

Rent2way is a top wireless communication rental service in the USA since 2010. We are experts in providing communication solutions for all kinds of events, from small local festivals to big gatherings with millions of people. Our wide range of communication equipment includes two-way radios, cellular hybrid radios, broadband wireless tablets, and WiFi hotspots for fast internet on the move.

Feel free to contact us today and discover the journey with Rent2way to help you reach your goals. We’re here to make your communication experience smooth and successful!

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Radio Rental for Golf Courses: Things to Know


Before you rent radios for golf courses, It’s essential to know and consider some important factors. Which will lead you to make wise choice and ensure a successful rental experience.Some of them are:

  • Make sure the radios can cover the whole golf course
  • Check if you need a special frequency license for the radios
  • Consider how long the batteries last for uninterrupted use
  • Choose rugged and weather-resistant radios for outdoor conditions
  • Check for headsets, chargers, and carrying cases for convenience
  • Look for emergency channels, clear voice quality, and programmable options
  • Ensure the rental company offers help if needed
  • Compare rental rates from different providers for the best deal
  • Read and understand the rental agreement thoroughly
  • Train your staff and test the radios before using them

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Rent Long Range Radios Today

If you are in search of a long range radio for an upcoming golf course tournament then you have landed on the right place. Rent2way is a leading provider of quality radios, which specializes in scaling to meet your needs.

We provide high quality radios with exceptional audio quality, long-lasting battery life, and durability. Our radios have many channels and frequencies, making communication easy during the tournament. This helps things run smoothly and makes the tournament experience better.

Don’t miss out this opportunity and Contact us today to immerse yourself in the most extraordinary tournament experience!

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