Fairs & Festivals

Your Challenges

Fairs and festivals are some of the most joyful events to put on. As the event organizer, you’ll see firsthand just how happy people are to be there as they smile, laugh, eat, and drink together.

Anyone who’s organized a large-scale event like this also knows just how delicate that balance is. An unnoticed issue at one side of the event can lead to widespread issues that threaten the event itself.

One of the most common reasons those issues spread? A lack of communication. Maybe it’s poor cell phone service, maybe it’s a lack of equipment, but when your team can’t clearly communicate what’s happening, easily avoidable issues become big problems.

That means resolving problems takes your full attention, taking your focus away from the bigger picture.

Without two-way radios helping to keep your team in constant communication, it’s just a matter of time before one of those problems becomes too big.

The Two-Way Communication Solution

At Rent2way, we provide industry-leading, wireless communication equipment solutions for fair and festival organizers.

No matter the size of your festival, no matter the number of attendees, with state-of-the-art two-way radios you can communicate with your team in an instant.

This is how two-way radio rentals for fairs and festivals help you pull off a successful event:

  • Two-way radios are multi-user mobile devices – that means workers can share information with their entire team in real-time, whenever and wherever they are.
  • Unlike other mobile devices, two-way radios are instantaneous, making you more responsive to safety and workflow issues – no dialing, no ringing: just press and speak.
  • Our radios can be given to key convention center staffing if needed or be programmed to work with their existing radios.
  • Multiple radio channels can be programmed to isolate different groups so you can direct communications as needed.
  • For one-off projects, purchase of expensive handheld devices is just not an option. Rental gives you the freedom and flexibility to bring in equipment as and when you need it.
  • Rather than settle for buying a lower-class device that you must maintain yourself, Rent2way sources you the best-in-class products with full support for a fraction of the purchase price.

Maximum Performance, Customized to Your Environment

Rent2way’s radio systems meet the demands of all physical and operational environments.

We offer:

  • An extensive fleet of the very latest compact, sanitized, robust radio devices and accessories, fitted with batteries that will go the distance.
  • Mobile solutions to meet maximum performance for every project, large or small, short-term, or long-term.