Your Challenges

Pulling off a seamless entertainment event means being adaptable.

With movie and film productions that can last until the early hours of the morning, music tours that get fans excited, and parades that shut down cities for blocks, expecting the unexpected is your normal way of operating.

When your workforce can stay in constant contact with each other, even the unexpected becomes manageable. After all, it’s easier to monitor situations as they evolve, keep an eye on rambunctious fans, and share any suspicious information with your team the second you see it.

When your team is out of touch, when they rely on spotty cell service or old-fashioned tech, or when they don’t have any way to communicate at all, handling the unexpected becomes a game of chance.

With millions of dollars on the line, you can’t afford to take that chance.

With Rent2way, you don’t have to. We work with the top manufacturers in the wireless industry to offer entertainment providers like you the perfect communications products and solutions.

The Two-Way Communication Solution

Imagine being able to coordinate with your team across a multi-event music festival – instantaneously.

Imagine being able to communicate the length of a city parade – without worrying about dropped calls or failed-to-send texts.

And imagine coming in under budget for your tour because you rented the right equipment – instead of spending on the wrong kind.

With Rent2way providing your two-way radios for film productions and music events, you’ll have an easy, cost-effective way to keep your event under control.

At Rent2way, we offer a scalable, functional communication system that helps your entertainment production team perform at the highest level. Here’s how:

  • Two-way radios are multi-user mobile devices – that means workers can share information with their entire team in real-time, whenever and wherever they are.
  • Unlike other mobile devices, two-way radios are instantaneous, making you more responsive to safety and workflow issues – no dialing, no ringing: just press and speak.
  • Our radios can be given to key convention center staffing if needed or be programmed to work with their existing radios.
  • Multiple radio channels can be programmed to isolate different groups so you can direct communications as needed.
  • For one-off projects, purchase of expensive handheld devices is just not an option. Rental gives you the freedom and flexibility to bring in equipment as and when you need it.
  • Rather than settle for buying a lower-class device that you must maintain yourself, Rent2way sources you the best-in-class products with full support for a fraction of the purchase price.

Maximum Performance, Customized to Your Environment

Rent2way’s radio systems meet the demands of all physical and operational environments.
We offer:

  • An extensive fleet of the very latest compact, sanitized, robust radio devices and accessories, fitted with batteries that will go the distance.
  • Mobile solutions to meet maximum performance for every project, large or small, short-term, or long-term.