When it comes to two-way radio rentals, having the right accessories is essential to maximize the functionality and convenience of your communication devices. These accessories complement the radios, providing added features and improving the overall user experience. 

Whether you’re organizing an event, managing a business, or involved in any activity that requires seamless communication, the right accessories can enhance efficiency and ensure smooth operations. Let’s explore some of the common accessories that are often included with two-way radio rentals.

What Accessories Do You Need With Two-way Radio Rentals?


Earpieces are one of the essential accessories that are commonly used with two-way radio rentals. They provide a convenient and hands-free communication solution, allowing users to keep their hands free for other tasks while staying connected. 

Earpieces come in various designs, such as earbuds or earpieces with built-in microphones, and they can be worn in either ear, providing flexibility and comfort for users.

Bank Charger

A bank charger, also known as a multi-unit charger or charging station, is a valuable accessory for two-way radio rentals. With a bank charger, you can efficiently charge multiple radios in one centralized location. This eliminates the need for individual chargers and keeps the charging process streamlined. Bank chargers often feature slots or compartments to hold each radio securely during the charging process.

Bank chargers are particularly useful for events or organizations that require multiple radios to be charged and ready for use. 

Extra Batteries

Extra batteries are a crucial accessory to have with two-way radio rentals. They ensure uninterrupted communication in short or wider ranges by providing backup power when the original battery runs low. Having spare batteries on hand allows users to easily swap out depleted batteries with fully charged ones, eliminating downtime and ensuring continuous operation. 

This is especially important for events or situations where radios are used for extended periods without access to charging stations. With extra batteries, you can confidently rely on your two-way radios for reliable communication throughout your rental period.


Surveillance kits are specialized accessories that provide discreet and covert communication. These kits typically include a microphone, an earpiece, and a push-to-talk (PTT) button, allowing users to communicate discreetly without drawing attention. They are commonly used in security operations, law enforcement, and other situations where covert communication is necessary.

When renting two-way radios, it’s recommended to check with the rental provider if surveillance kits are available as additional accessories. They can provide you with the necessary information and guidance to ensure that you have the right kit compatible with your rented radios.

Headsets (Lightweight/ Heavy Duty/ Surveillance)

Lightweight headsets are designed for comfort and convenience. They typically feature a single earpiece that can be worn on either ear. Heavy-duty headsets are built to withstand more rugged environments and provide enhanced durability. 

And, surveillance headsets, also known as covert or earpiece kits, are specifically designed for discreet communication. They typically consist of a small earpiece and a microphone with a push-to-talk button that can be clipped onto clothing. 

The choice of headset depends on the specific requirements of your use case. Lightweight headsets provide comfort and versatility for general communication, heavy-duty headsets offer durability for challenging environments, and surveillance headsets allow for discreet and covert communication when necessary. When renting two-way radios, you can select the headset type that best suits your needs to enhance your communication experience.

Speaker Microphones

Speaker microphones are commonly used in industries such as public safety, security, construction, transportation, and event management. They provide a practical and reliable solution for hands-free communication, allowing you to stay connected while keeping your radios easily accessible.

These accessories are particularly useful in environments where hands-free operation is necessary or when background noise may be a challenge. 

Accessories we Provide:

Bank Charger

At Rent2way, we provide bank chargers as part of our accessory offerings including the radios. These chargers are capable of simultaneously charging multiple rented radios, ensuring they are always fully charged and ready for use. 

With our bank chargers, you can easily maintain the battery life and keep your communication devices powered throughout your rental period.

Heavy Duty Headset

Our Heavy Duty Headset is a reliable accessory that allows you to use our rented radios hands-free. 

With adjustable headbands and noise-canceling features, they allow users to use the rented radios without the need to hold them, enhancing convenience and productivity during operations in environments like construction, manufacturing, or other noisy environments.

Lightweight Headset

Our Lightweight Headset is a comfortable and convenient accessory that enhances communication when using our rented radios. With a lightweight design and adjustable features, it provides a comfortable fit for extended use. 

The single earpiece allows you to stay connected while keeping your one ear free to be aware of the surroundings. The headset is ideal for industries such as hospitality, retail, and event management, where clear communication and mobility are important.

Surveillance Headset

Our Surveillance Headset is a discreet and covert accessory designed for situations that require covert communication. With its small earpiece and microphone, it allows you to communicate quietly and without drawing attention. 

The Surveillance Headset is commonly used in security, law enforcement, and undercover operations, providing reliable and discreet communication capabilities. 

Speaker Microphone

Our Speaker Microphone is a versatile accessory that enhances communication with our rented radios. It features a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to do hands-free operation. You can conveniently attach it to your clothing or gear for easy access. 

Speaker microphone

The Speaker Microphone is ideal for environments where clear and audible communication is crucial, such as security, construction, and event management. Its rugged design ensures durability and reliable performance in demanding conditions.

What to Look for in a Rental Company When Hiring Their Radios?

  • Reliable customer service and support.
  • A wide range of reputable brands and models of radios.
  • High-quality and well-maintained rental equipment.
  • Positive customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Competitive and transparent rental rates.
  • Clear safety policies and adherence to regulations.


When renting two-way radios, having the right accessories is essential to maximize their functionality and ensure seamless communication. Some common accessories include earpieces for hands-free operation, headsets for immersive communication in noisy environments, speaker microphones for convenient and loud audio transmission, and batteries with chargers for continuous usage. 

Renting two-way radios with the appropriate accessories from a reliable provider, such as Rent2way, ensures that you have a complete communication solution tailored to your requirements, enhancing efficiency and convenience during events, business operations, or any other communication-intensive activities.