Netgear LTE Wifi Gateway

The NETGEAR® LTE Gateway 6100D can give you up to 4G LTE speeds as a hotspot if you’re on the move. Combines LTE wireless broadband technology with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet. Comes with 12V DC, 2.5 A power adapter.
  • Includes UNLIMITED DATA/VOICE (No Extra Fees!!)
  • Create An Instant Hotspot To Support Up To 80 Simultaneous Wi-Fi Enabled Devices Like Tablets And Laptops using 802.11ac
  • External high-gain antennas ensure optimal performance in areas of low signal strength
  • Rates up to 10x faster than 3G
  • Easy configuration and set-up
  • We supply security code to prevent unauthorized access
  • 3G/4G (once coverage map is open click “4G” tab)
With this sleek, portable intelligent hotspot, you can enable your broadband experience to any Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptops, cameras, mobile phones, personal media players, and more. As it supports up to 80 simultaneously connected Wi-Fi enabled devices, you can share your high-speed connection with co-workers and customers. Plus, forget about messing with cords, cables or software.
Models vary based on availability therefore individual specs are not posted online, as a result: images on website may differ from actual equipment shipped although not materially different. We only use OEM or Quality third party accessories as it’s of highest importance they meet with your satisfaction.

Sprint Coverage Map

See Map….(Opens New Browser Window)For Sprint coverage please select the appropriate “Tab” for coverage: 4G, 3G and more, Direct Connect.

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Netgear Zing 3G/4G LTE Wifi Hotspot User Guide