Motorola GR-1225 Analog Repeater

You can have X-Pand and all the advantages of a Motorola Repeater with the GR-1225. With 16 programmable channels, you can talk on either a 25 or a 12.5 kHz channel allowing a seamless, economical transition to the narrower bandwidth. Two-way users won’t want to be without this greatly expanded audio quality at 12.5 kHz.
  • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing – with X-Pand Technology
  • Compact Styling – The GR1225 accommodates a built-in power supply as well as numerous internally housed accessories such as a duplexer, battery revert and an enhanced controller.
  • Adjustable Power – Each channel can be programmed to either 25 or 45 (UHF) or 25 or 50 (VHF) watts to meet various coverage needs. 2-Character Numeric LED Display – Green light illuminates the channel that’s in use.
  • Battery Back-Up Tone – When the battery revert kit is installed, it alerts users that they are operating on the back-up battery supply.
  • Time-Out Timer – Programmable from 1-255 seconds, this feature prevents a group from monopolizing the repeater with a single transmission.
  • Repeater Enable/Disable – Temporarily enables or disables repeater operation from the front panel to allow use as a base station for dispatch operation.
  • CWID (Continuous Wave Identification) – Continuous Wave Identification uses Morse code to automatically send out the station ID to identify the transmitting repeater.
  • Courtesy Beep – This programmable alert indicates when a person is through talking so that other users are free to respond.
  • Programmable Relay Delay – This “hangtime” keeps the repeater transmitter keyed from 0 to 7 seconds after the radio user releases the Push-to talk switch to enable other users to respond without having to re-activate the repeater.
  • AdvantagePort Expandability – Allow an authorized dealer to add an Advantage Board to upgrade the repeater functionality.
  • Disk Microphone Available
A Two Way Radio Repeater is an excellent device that receives a two way radio signal and re- transmits the message at a higher power which increased range and coverage of two way radios. Substantially increases broadcast and reception area, adding miles of range to your coverage.

Ideal for: Large Events, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Utilities.