Motorola CDM-1550 Analog Base Station

With a versatile 32 channels, powerful 4-watt speaker and alphanumeric display, the mobile base station’s two-way radio lets users concentrate on the road. Four programmable buttons accommodate up to eight features, such as two-channel home revert, Escalert and phone mode. We can add a desktop microphone and turn this into a desktop base station. Can be outfitted with hand or desktop microphones (both depending on need).

Large controls

Accommodate all users, including ones wearing gloves.

Programmable buttons

Four buttons give users choice of up to eight innovative features.

Channel flexibility

Operates on choice of 32 channels.

Bright LED indicators and alphanumeric display

Keep information and radio status visible through user-friendly icons.

Powerful loudspeaker

Faces front rather than on top for maximum clarity.

Privacy codes

Enhances security through 42 standard TPL and 84 standard digital codes.


3.15–3.50 lbs


2.34” x 7.05” x 7.79” (HxWxD)

Power Levels

Adjustable, 1-25w, 25-40w

Frequency Range

UHF (403-470, 450-512mHz), VHF (136-174mHz)

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