How to play BlackJack Casino Consultant

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For blackjack, there are many great strategies that you will learn when you start playing and gaining experience, but before you sit at the game table, you need to learn the basic strategy of the game.

How to play BlackJack online

Basic strategies of BlackJack

The basic strategy in blackjack online is quite simple. You can find blackjack online at this website now. You should only remember when you need to take, stop, double or split. Below is a small table with a strategy that you need to keep in mind, as it will help rto educe the casino advantage working against you.

a�? When the dignity of your hand in blackjack below 8, it is recommended to take cards until you have a strong enough hand to stop.

a�? When you have 9 points, it is usually recommended to take cards, although if the dealer’s hand shows 3-6 in the case of double-opening, you can double your hand.

a�? When you have a hand with 10-11 points, you should always double, only if the dealer’s open hand does not show an ace or a ten, then you just need to type cards.

a�? When the dignity of your hand is 12-16, it is recommended to stop in about half the cases, but if the dealer’s open card is 7 or higher, you should take it.

a�? When you have 17 points or more, you need to stop, because the chances of getting the card you need are too small, no matter what hand the dealer has.

a�? It is recommended to divide the doubles only if the open hand of the dealer is no more than 6 points, since in this case you have a good chance of winning on both hands. Never divide dozens, no matter what dealer’s hand, the same applies to nines in case the dealer’s open hand shows 10 or an ace.

a�? If the variety of blackjack that you play allows you to buy insurance, we advise you not to do it, because insurance significantly increases the advantage of the casino.

How to win in BlackJack online?

Once you learn the above basic strategy for blackjack, you will be ready to start the game and gain the necessary experience. The best advice is to play a considerable amount of hands, whether on real or casino money, so that you can practice the above strategies to see how well they are obtained from you. Once you have mastered the game and the main strategy, start learning more sophisticated strategies for BlackJack, such as the technique of card counting. More advanced strategies are usually very easy to learn, but it may seem rather difficult if you have not yet mastered the basics of blackjack.